Writing Update #11 – So many steps closer but still so far away…

Hello fellow writers and readers! Let me start off by saying my week was hellish, and I am glad it is almost over. Does that mean that my writing suffered? Yes and no. I actually made quite a lot of progress on the reviews piling up for me to write. And one particular review was almost the death of me. I just couldn’t put my thoughts about it into words. I felt completely and utterly tongue-tied. No matter how many times I attempted to rewrite it, nothing worked, not even removing myself from the draft for hours on end.

I was asked to rewrite part of it by the editor, which I was surprised about because I thought the copy I had written was fine. But that’s why writers need to have someone else go over their work. Self-editing should be a default position for any writer, and I edit several times before I send my copy out to get edited again.

So I had to rewrite parts of it, and then I came across an article I read online about structuring your writing. I am not necessarily a “structural” writer. While I write with a rough outline of what I want in my drafts, I don’t structure my reviews. Writing fiction is a little bit different. I am primarily a “pantser”, but I always create a structural outline even if it’s very rough before I start to write. Hence, I know where my story is heading, where the characters need to be and it gives me a rough idea of anything I need to flesh out or remove if required.

But with reviews, it’s a completely different process, at least it is for me. So I thought I’d apply what I use in my fiction writing to see if it would work in my reviews. I used the most basic structure known to man, and I typed it into my next review:

Introduction (an idea of what an introduction should be in these brackets)

Body (the main guts of the review discussing plot details without spoilers if that’s possible, fleshing out the characters, what they do, and a rough outline of the story. Production details, cinematography etc.)

Conclusion (write about the actors, the characters they portray and their performances – and also summarise the review with your final thoughts)

The next review I wrote without any issues, and it was published straightaway with no rewrites. Now, that may have happened because I really enjoyed the movie and what I was writing about it. So I will test this theory on my next review on something I am not all that interested in, and we’ll see if my review structure works.

On the Vocal writing front, I have written several half-drafts but was unable to complete any. I did let the ball drop a little here, I must admit. But I have several drafts I didn’t have when I started, and I am getting a much better idea of what I want to write for my competition piece. So yes, some steps forward but little ones. I will put everything else aside this weekend and focus entirely on setting up my vocal articles for posting.

I am also going to try and cross-post my reviews on the Vocal site and maybe even Medium. I need to chat with my editor first, but I think he’ll be fine with it as long as I am linking back to his site.

I guess we’ll see.

How are you all doing with your writing projects? Is anything kicking your butt, or has it all been smooth sailing this week?

Hit me up in the comments, dearest readers. I am always there!

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