Quick Question for My Readers!

Hi all! I was just sitting down to write for the day when I looked at a previous draft I created for Medium. And I pondered whether or not my articles would find a readership here.

Medium is a very different place to WordPress and not just from an aesthetic point of view either. Blogging is not at all the same as writing an article for Medium. Medium is a lot more competitive, and its audience is very picky about what they read.

And I am not sure how my Medium articles would go over on this blog. I’d prefer that my readers supported me on Medium, but I’m not going to ask you all to pay $5.00 a month to join. I think you can read one free article on Medium per month if you’re not a member.

Medium users can post a “friend link”, which allows anyone to view your article without paying for the Medium paywall. This is exceptionally handy for showing your articles to other readers and potential clients for freelancing purposes.

I am still drafting up my article about using Medium versus Vocal as well. I think some readers will enjoy reading about that plus I committed to writing it a while back.

As I have only just returned to Medium, I am wading my way slowly through the Medium “system” and learning new things every day. If you are the type of writer that wants to take your writing to the next level, I would highly recommend considering Vocal or Medium.

So the TLDR; version – would you like to read some of my Medium articles on this blog? If I get more than 3 likes to this post, I will go ahead and begin.

But I will do it slowly (because obviously, it defeats the purpose of having my articles behind a paywall if I’m posting them freely to other platforms).

That is another reason I’m going to slow down on the content I am blogging to Vocal or just separate my articles and keep some for Vocal and everything else for Medium.

Thanks for your support and I’ll catch you in my next post!

If you’re interested in my freelance writing pursuits, please support my writing on Medium or tip me on Vocal.

Thank you so much!

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