Book Review – Effacement by Hieronymus Hawkes

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The book was provided as an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review

This book features the following topics/genres – Technological Thriller

Publisher’s release date: 30 January 2021 (Amazon)

Effacement focuses on a topic that is often at the top of discussions on privacy and internet security. What happens when we become so obsessed with technology that we can no longer be separated from it? Effacement places the protagonist named Cole right in the middle of a technological nightmare and sends him on a thrilling race against time to survive.

It’s interesting to read a book written about technology that isn’t written by a professional in the field. This could have been one of the book’s biggest flaws but instead is one of the better aspects of this book. The author Hieronymus Hawkes doesn’t skip a beat in that regard.

If you’re not a “techie” type, not to worry! The author makes an effort to explain almost everything that’s happening in detail on a technological level. Some of it may seem a little difficult to read. But it shouldn’t put you off this book as the author does take the time to explain things in language that will make sense to everyone.

The pacing is wonderfully written into each chapter which ebbs and flows faster in some and slightly slower in the chapters focusing on Cole’s relationships. It’s enough to keep those that love the “white-knuckling” thriller on edge enough to enjoy the book. And it caters to those of us that prefer a slower pace for the more intimate scenes between characters.

The future in Effacement looks grim as Cole discovers some bad “code” that is slowly killing anyone with a “Vitasync” neurochip implanted into their brains. The problem is this is practically everyone on the planet. So Cole collects a few friends along the way as he pushes onward to solve what is causing the neurochip to malfunction.

The other characters that Cole interacts with are all well-fleshed out and just as smart as our protagonist. Cole’s other half, named Tesla, also works at the same company as Cole and is equally as focused and driven. This creates a much more believable story.

Hawkes also shines a light on the possibility of everyone being connected to the internet – whether they opt to or not. While the character Cole is every bit the technological vanguard, he also discovers a way out from under the technology that is now turning on everyone. Society has become interconnected with everything; nothing is private anymore. Is this the type of world we will eventually be a part of?

Effacement has thrills where it needs to while at the same time, offers an interesting take on one possibility of the future. People still question the morals behind technology controlling everything we do. Perhaps this is something we shouldn’t be taking for granted. The real world is relying more and more upon technology to function and live convenient lives. Hawke’s book presents a focal point of discussion with a serious undertone that questions the future we are building for ourselves and generations to come.

Animated book cover by me. Like what you see? Hire me to animate your book cover today!


Book Cover Art – The book cover for Effacement lacked a little colour in the original image that I used from Amazon, so I added a few filters to the image in photoshop before animating it. The look that I was going for in this cover was definitely something electronic and technological. The animations that I wanted to use didn’t work well initially, so I created this one and liked the end result. It gives the cover a “techie” look without going overboard.


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6 thoughts on “Book Review – Effacement by Hieronymus Hawkes

    1. Thanks Tina 🙂 Oh yeah I know. Working in the industry I work in has its advantages but it also makes you so much more aware of how plugged in people are these days. I mean all you need to do is walk down the street and watch almost every single person walk with their eyes glued to their phones… it’s pretty scary to be honest.

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      1. It really is. I’m not glued to a cell phone, but I am on my computer a lot. My daughter is either on her computer, on her phone, or on the Xbox. The young people I work with are constantly on their phones between customers, while I’m on my Kindle. (My excuse is, hey, at least I’m reading a book, lol.) In some ways, I envy my husband, as he’s not on a cell phone, has never used a computer, and is very outdoorsy. He watches Youtube on the smart TV once in a while, that’s his connection, lol. He feels like he’s weird or dumb sometimes for not knowing much about technology, but I tell him he’s a rare breed these days, and the smart one, lol.

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      2. Geez THAT IS so rare lol everyone I know is connected online in a big way except my Mum who is a complete technophobe. I sometimes wish she wasn’t because having a computer when you’re elderly is a godsend once you have it all up and running. It really is the gateway to basically everything and when you’ve got nothing else but time… it’s amazing lol

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      3. My mom is a technophobe too! She’s 85 years old, so I get it. We got her a very basic cell phone once but she HATED it, lol. So it was back to the old landline. She wants nothing to do with any of that stuff, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah I think anyone born in that generation is more akin to not using technology which is totally understandable. The only reason I know as much as I do is because I was always drawn to technology so I had to learn everything from scratch. It’s a very different situation if you’re already good with tech stuff 🙂 Some people love it and others don’t 😀

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