Entertainment industry Writing Samples

SAMPLE FIVE Articles on Dork Side of the Force My work is also featured on Dork Side of the Force which is a community that focuses on Star Wars and the Star Wars fandom. This post is written informally (as most posts are on their website) and highlights the highs and lows of various aspects […]

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Writer to Writer – Writing to a schedule or writing when it’s right?

Writing Life Image

I am hoping that someone will reply to this post because I am kinda stuck at the moment. I have been enjoying writing every day but the weekend got away with me due to other commitments (Sundance was on so reviews had to be written) so now my writing blog sits here unattended. So what […]

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Daily Writing Prompts and a Free Writing Prompt Book from WordPress!

The daily “Discover” writing prompt posts on WordPress was pretty cool. Except that I came kinda late (actually, very late) to the party and missed out on joining so many other writers on WordPress. It would have been a lot of fun to take part in something with the wider community. But that doesn’t mean […]

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