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Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe

Just a quick update on things – I’m busy designing the new movie blog where I’ll be podcasting with my partner in crime, Jeremy. I’ll be shifting all of my movie-related content to the new blog and this one will remain my writing hub focused on that.

I’ve decided that I’m not getting the interest I need on this blog for film-related content and my stats support this. But people do enjoy my writing-related content so that’s what I’ll stick to here.

I’ll catch you in the next post and hopefully, I’ll be able to reveal more details about my film blog for anyone who wants to follow me there.

30 Day Film Challenge #FilmTwitter – Day Three

The third task in the 30 Day Film Challenge taken from #FilmTwitter is:

3. A film that has more than five words

I’m assuming this means more than five words in the title, so I’m going to go with that for this task. My film is Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles.

Interview with the Vampire

This movie was controversial for a few reasons that come to mind, but most infamously for being that “gay vampire movie” with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt portraying two vampires who experience the ages with a younger female vampire they’ve “adopted” as their child. Many who have seen the film get hung up on that without looking beyond it. And therefore not giving the film the merit it deserves.

It’s one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve seen, and with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise at the helm, I would seriously doubt it would be a bad film, even if it was a little campy. Sometimes the cast makes all the difference. And this casting was terrific, period.

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Quote of the Day – Famous Writers

A daily quote from a very famous person – usually famous writers or actors

Usually, the very first part of the first stanza of this poem is quoted.

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”

But I prefer the last part of the poem;

We have imagined for the mighty dead;
All lovely tales that we have heard or read:
An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.[5]

John Keats
Via Goodreads

John Keats

Born in Moorgate, London, England
October 31, 1795
February 23, 1821
Genre Poetry


30 Day #FilmTwitter Film Challenge – Day Two

The second task in the 30 Day Film Challenge taken from #FilmTwitter is:

2. A film you like that starts with the first letter of your name

My first name is Julie so that’d be the letter “J”. I actually had to refer to my Letterboxd profile for this when my partner blurted out “Jaws” and I had to stop scrolling. I’m going classic, and I’m going old-school for this one. While there are a lot of good movies in my list that starts with the letter J such as John Wick, Joker to name a couple, they’re not Jaws.

Image Source Universal Pictures

I remember feeling terrified the first time I saw Jaws. I was never the same after watching it, that was for sure. But I think Jaws may have been one of the first movies that started my whole fascination with horror films. It’s definitely up there with some television shows that are even older. An oldie but a goodie, Jaws cannot be denied.

The book is even better than the film – and a whole lot scarier.

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The Light – A Star Wars Inspired Poem

This poem came to me after watching a particular scene in Star Wars The Last Jedi. Some of you who follow both of my blogs will know I am a dedicated Star Wars fan and therefore, a lot of my creativity is inspired by Star Wars.

I have posted this on my other blog but since this is a blog that celebrates the craft of writing, I’ve decided to post it here for anyone who is interested in poetry.

Here are the GIFs that inspired me. In the second GIF you can see the dark side (represented by a shadow over Ben’s face) leaving him as Leia reaches out to him using the Force:



The Light – A Star Wars Poem (from Leia to Ben)

You are not the cruelty of the shadows
You are the light that once shone upon my cheek
But fall you did, and for a time, you lost your way
And although you stumbled and you let the darkness in
The light was still a part of you
Gently resting in the recesses of your soul
Waiting for a kindred spirit
To pull open the doorway to your heart
And let the light live there once more

30 Day #FilmTwitter Film Challenge – Day One

Name the first movie you remember watching

The first task in the 30 Day Film Challenge taken from #FilmTwitter is:

1. Name the first movie you remember watching

The first movie I remember seeing was Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope. This movie transformed my life, even though I didn’t realise that at the time. It was a first of many things for me; the first time I remember seeing a movie with my Dad (which is when his obsession with film and in particular, Star Wars became mine), the first time I knew what it was like to become totally enthralled with a fictional world, and the first time I’d ever seen a farm boy with golden hair and eyes as blue as the sky become a reluctant hero in a war in the stars.

It was truly a once in a life-time experience.

And since Star Wars and film are so prominent in my life, I decided to throw in a little motion art I made of this iconic Star Wars poster designed and painted by Tom Jung in 1977:

Motion Art Star Wars 1977 Poster
Animated by The Broken Quill

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Thank You!

Are You on Letterboxd?

I spent some time on Letterboxd going over some old reviews, and it seemed so strange when I read them back to myself. It felt like someone else had written them. I barely recognised that writing.

So this is just a quick post to reach out to anyone that is on Letterboxd so I can follow any of my followers over there.

It’s funny going through all my followers and looking at the profiles of people I still remember were cool to chat with over there. And it’s sad too, to see some of those lovely people have all stopped writing (like I did temporarily, but I’m rectifying that).

My partner and I are thinking of starting a podcast about movies, so I will be even more active on Letterboxd than I have been previously. Our aim is to review everything we watch, and we’ve got some solid ideas for content. It’ll just be an experiment, but we think our voice on this topic, especially in such a small country like New Zealand, could resonate with some people.

I guess we’ll see. If you’re on Letterboxd, leave a comment, and I’ll follow you. You can follow me right here. 

To the glory of film and beyond!