Beta Reading Service

Beta reading – I offer paid beta reading services primarily, but I will consider alpha reading offers as well. Please contact me here to discuss fees and time constraints.

*Please note – I will not commence work without payment upfront.

We charge USD 125 per 300 pages with a four-week turnaround *unless you have added expedited delivery. If your manuscript is more than 300 pages, we can discuss fees via email. Please use the beta reading contact form here.

The Broken Quill carries out all payment and invoicing through Pay Pal, so please ensure you have a Pay Pal account before you approach us. Thank you for understanding.

Please ensure you have a list of specific areas of your manuscript that you would like us to critique for you. This will help immensely and provide us with key areas to focus on to provide you with specific feedback you can use in your writing process.

Here are a few areas you could consider before approaching any beta reader:


Is there enough character development for each character or not enough?

Is the dialogue natural for the character, or does it seem forced?

Any there any areas of character development that seem too obvious?


Is the pacing too slow or not fast enough?

Is there too much detail or information for a particular scene?

Is the pacing too intense?

Is the flow between each scene natural or forced?


Does the world seem believable to you?

Is the world clearly described? Does it impact the characters and the story the way it should?

Does each character fit into the world you are describing?

Is there enough description of the world your characters inhabit or not enough?

The examples above are some of the areas we will cover and critique as part of our beta reading service. If you require an extensive list of what is covered, please mention this when you fill out our beta reading form or provide us with one of your own (preferred), as mentioned above.

What we will NOT provide as part of our beta reading service:

Our beta reading service will provide feedback for you to guide you towards improving your manuscript. You will NEVER receive personal critiques on your ability as a writer. We provide a completely unbiased and supportive service. This is paramount to our process.

The details of what we absolutely will not do:

Edit your work in any way – this includes grammatical errors, spelling errors, correct usage of particular words or anything a structural, book or line editor would do (we may provide highlighting in your manuscript on areas we cover as listed above)

Make suggestions to change something fundamental to your book

Write chapters or scenes for you!

Please note that as a beta reader, we will approach your book the same way we would approach any book we read – focusing on the reader’s experience.

Please fill out our beta reading form here so we can progress. I look forward to working with you!

Here is a handy list of the services we offer and fees.