Book Review Price Comparison Information

With the amount of books that get published yearly, the book publishing, writing and reading business has never been busier! And that’s great for readers and writers alike.

Here at the Broken Quill we pride ourselves on being one of the most cost-effective book promotion services available today.

Some of the more popular book reviewing and editing websites charge up to 500 USD for their basic book review service! For struggling authors or first time publishers, this is a hefty fee to charge, even with guaranteed exposure from these websites.

We like to focus on the author, not the money which is why our prices are so much lower and manageable for first-time authors and self-published writers.

To give you an indication of costs, we’ve compared our service to some of the more popular (and bigger) websites online:

Kirkus Reviews – Basic review is 425 USD

IndieReader – Basic reviews start at 275 USD

SPF (Self Publishing Review) – Basic review costs 89 USD but that will get you a blurb of 70 words.

Foreward Reviews – Reviews cost 499 USD

We also welcome published AND unpublished writers. If you are looking for a beta reader for your book, please visit our beta reading page for more information here.

Our reviews will never be more than the base cost of 150 USD unless you add an expedited delivery onto that.

Our basic turnaround to provide your review is also much less time to wait at *four weeks. We also average between 500 – 1000 words for our reviews which is a thorough, concise summary of what your book has to offer potential readers!

Here is a handy price list updated for 2021 for your reference.

We look forward to working with you and to helping you make the first step towards a successful book promotion campaign.

*Delays may be possible but we will inform you ahead of time if we cannot take on your book review due to demand. We can always book you in for a date the following month.