Book Promotion Service – Tier Three Animated Book Cover

In this tier, you will get everything in tier one and two with static social media graphics (unless you pay extra for the animated version) plus tier three:

Tier Three – Animated Book Cover

*This is separate from the animated social media graphics and more time-consuming to create.

Animated book covers are one of the best visual book promotion assets you can have. Using an animated book cover will attract potential customers and make your book stand out on social media!

As part of this tier, I can provide you with a one-time exclusive offer to animate your book cover.

We can also make up to two variations of the book cover with subtle differences, which you can get per book cover. We charge USD 40 for one cover and two variations with a standard four-week turnaround *unless you have requested expedited delivery. That’s an absolute steal!

Here are a few examples of book covers I have animated: *your version should you choose to purchase this tier will be watermark free*

Animated Book Cover The Perfect Family
Animated by Julie Gray
Animated by Julie Gray
Animated by Julie Gray

And a different example to give you an idea of the possibilities for your book cover:

Animated example by Julie Gray

Here is a handy list of our services and fees for your reference.

My digital creator background:

Animated content on social media is an amazing tool you should seriously consider if you want to promote your book. To give you an indication of why you should choose this tier for your promotional campaign, my personal Pinterest account receives over 3.5 million monthly views and has had up to 13 million monthly views! This is primarily due to the animated content I create. As an animator, I have been making animated content for several years, and I have animated hundreds of images. My social media statistics prove how powerful animated images can be to gain views and followers. And if your intent is to sell your book, those viewers could become potential customers.

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