Book Promotion Service – Tier Two FREE Extensive Social Media Promotion

If you’re looking for more extensive social media exposure beyond Amazon, Bookbub and Goodreads, this tier is for you!

With tier two of our book review service, you will receive everything in tier one as well as the following:

Tier Two – FREE Social Media Promotion!

We have various social media accounts where your review (with your prior approval) will be promoted. Our review of your book has the potential to be seen by an engaged audience of 60 thousand users on our Pinterest account with 3.5 million views per month (and growing!)

If you choose to add the graphics or animated cover or both, we’ll feature those on our social media accounts as well. This will give you even more of a promotion to potential readers, followers and customers.

Here’s how:

The Broken Quill website – 1741 followers with between 50 – 1000 hits per month
Pinterest – 8.5k followers with 3.7 million views a month by an active community of ONE MILLION viewers! That’s a lot of eyeballs and potential customers!

And we don’t charge you for this promotion. It is entirely FREE if you purchase what we offer in tier one and two.

Review Blurbs for promotional purposes

You may use blurbs from our review for further book promotion (if required after prior discussion), or you can add any text you like to your graphics! We can work with you on this so that your graphics look exactly how you want them to look.

Static Social Media Graphics!

We will provide 2x Static Social Media Graphics that you can use as part of your social media promotional campaign (*requires you to already have a book cover). We only charge USD 25 for two static graphics for your social media accounts!

Mock Example (your book cover)

Made by Julie Gray

Mock Social Media Graphic: (you can put anything you wish on the graphic, including blurbs from your review)

Made by Julie Gray

Animated Social Media Graphics

We can create simple animations for your social media graphics if requested with the static social media graphics above. We charge USD 50 for two animated social media graphics with a standard four-week turnaround *unless you have requested expedited delivery.

Please note that there are dozens of different animated graphics I can make for you – this is just an example of something I threw together. Please have an idea of what you want your animation to look like before requesting this extra. If you are unsure, we can create something for you. We will send our watermarked samples to you for preview and approval (the watermark will be removed upon approval).

Example animated social media graphic:

Made by Julie Gray

Looking for something more for your social media campaign? Check out our final tier in our book review service, which includes an exclusive animated book cover! You can check out examples of what we offer right here.

Or, if you’ve already decided on what you need for your customised social media book promotion campaign, you can get the ball rolling by either checking out a list of our services and fees or by filling out our book review form here. You can expect a response within 48 hours.