A Writer’s Thoughts: On Publishing, Being Self Published and Beginnings

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I was relaxing this morning, drinking my coffee and just staring at my blog wondering about writing. Then I started thinking about Wattpad (as you know, I’ve been thinking about using Wattpad for my writing) and I suddenly felt quite odd about it. To be honest, I don’t think I am a “Wattpad” writer. And […]

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Finding the Right Premise for My Next Story

Writing about how to create a premise yesterday has put me on the back foot a bit. I am struggling to come up with a premise that works for my story and while I feel like I am close, something about it just doesn’t sit right with me so I can’t use it until it […]

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How Important Is The Story Premise?

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As a writer, I have only just learned about the importance of having a premise for a story/book or whatever it is that you’re working on. And it really helped me a lot once I understood its importance to the fiction writing process. I learned it from Joe Bunting over at The Write Practice. I […]

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“For Milly”

These words came to me when I was in the midst of writing Tales of the West and Ethan’s part of the first book. It is a poem that defines some of what I felt Ethan would have written had he been a poet. I remember the sound of you, in my head, blissful And […]

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SHORT STORY – The Devil’s Preacher

© by Julie Gray Author’s note – To help me visualise characters for my fiction writing I pretend what I am writing is playing out as a movie and this is always my process. So to assist with this here are the players and the characters of this story: The Players: Charlie Hunnam as David […]

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Horror Special Halloween Writer Showcase Week Two As mentioned in my previous post, I will be focusing on a different horror genre author each week to celebrate Horror Month and Halloween. This week I’m choosing an author I haven’t read before but people seem to really like this author’s work so I did a little […]

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