Untitled 04

You twist in my veins Like an oncoming storm Unleash yourself on me I want to walk this shaky earth That meets my trepidation With delightful, restrained glee Dampen me in your summer shower Like mother earth, I open my… Read More ›

Untitled 03

You existlike an echothat has left its sombre toneacross the landscape of my heart Where a flicker of a flamestill burnsto breathe itselfinto life once morefor you Shall I shackle myself to this?Put my faith intothe what might have beensand… Read More ›

Untitled 02

Bring to me Unbridled truths Hidden behind The confession booths Of your tormented soul Bring to me Your naked yearning Your lust, burning With a fever  And choking at the last Ask of me What you will For I can… Read More ›

Untitled 01

I feel you In my bones Like a song With a melody Written in the stars For you are Beyond imagining A beginning And undoing Desired and felt In squandered embraces And brushed away tears And all of this Captured… Read More ›