How Important Is The Story Premise?

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As a writer, I have only just learned about the importance of having a premise for a story/book or whatever it is that you’re working on. And it really helped me a lot once I understood its importance to the fiction writing process. I learned it from Joe Bunting over at The Write Practice. I […]

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100-Word Challenge and Neil Gaiman

I have seen various other writers on WordPress using this type of writing exercise as a way to hone their skill and tighten up their writing. I’ve decided that I want to do this and I won’t make a habit of doing one every day as yet. I want to see how well this works. […]

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The Writer’s Toolbox – Fictionary for Fiction Writers

I’ve been looking at an app called Fictionary. Has anyone that follows me used it or heard of it? Or do you have any other recommendations for fiction writing? I am thinking of signing up to their two-week trial to see how it works. I signed up to the free trial and I am going […]

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