Poetry – “Mother”

I went through some old blog posts on my other blog and figured that this poem should really be here.
I used to write a lot of poetry but I haven’t had to do that for some time. I used to write when things were bad but now I find I can write whenever I feel like writing.
Here’s a little one I wrote last year when visiting my Mum.
I hope you like it.


With eyes bluer than the sky, a burning, vibrant determination still lingers there
She sits and whispers to herself
The sun shining in through the window, leaving a trail of light upon her aged yet beautiful skin
I am of you, for you, with you
I am forever yours

Poem #1

The exuberance of youth…

The exuberance of youth!
Children laughing, shouting, talking
It’s painful to think that one must be a child
To feel that alive
Was I like that once?
Did I shudder with excitement at the thought of anything and everything?
Will I ever feel that alive again?
and then again
Perhaps no…