Are You on Letterboxd?

I spent some time on Letterboxd going over some old reviews, and it seemed so strange when I read them back to myself. It felt like someone else had written them. I barely recognised that writing.

So this is just a quick post to reach out to anyone that is on Letterboxd so I can follow any of my followers over there.

It’s funny going through all my followers and looking at the profiles of people I still remember were cool to chat with over there. And it’s sad too, to see some of those lovely people have all stopped writing (like I did temporarily, but I’m rectifying that).

My partner and I are thinking of starting a podcast about movies, so I will be even more active on Letterboxd than I have been previously. Our aim is to review everything we watch, and we’ve got some solid ideas for content. It’ll just be an experiment, but we think our voice on this topic, especially in such a small country like New Zealand, could resonate with some people.

I guess we’ll see. If you’re on Letterboxd, leave a comment, and I’ll follow you. You can follow me right here. 

To the glory of film and beyond!

30 Day Film Challenge From #FilmTwitter

Join me on this 30 Day Film Challenge started on #FilmTwitter!

So I found this 30 Day Film Challenge when I saw James Gunn posting it on his twitter for #FilmTwitter. If you are a movie nut, you should definitely consider joining Twitter for the film twitter hashtag. I see lots of encouragement for movie fans and people who want to be active and vocal about the movies they love, and that is an inspiration to me as a cinephile.

The awesome thing about this is the sense of community around it. There are some accounts I follow who are extremely active and make my time on Twitter that much more enjoyable. I don’t really like Twitter, as a rule, I had a bad experience on my Star Wars account regarding my “unpopular opinion” about the death of Luke Skywalker, and I’ve never fully recovered from that. So finding something positive on social media is a blessing to me, which I want to share with all of you or with whoever may enjoy it.

Here is the 30 Day Challenge:

Film Twitter 30 Day Challenge

I am going to try and do this starting tomorrow and blog about each topic for 30 days straight. If you’d like to join me, my twitter account is @JulieGWritingNZ or if you’d just prefer to do it on your blog, let me know in the comments so I can keep track with you!

I feel excited about this, it’s going to be loads of fun!

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Thank You!

One-Shot – Name That Movie

The last shot updated and today’s one-shot is from an iconic 80s film! Think you can guess what it is?

The last One-Shot was posted without a correct guess. This was the shot:

One Shot
Via IMDb

Being a fan of this huge 80s film, it kind of shocked me that nobody knew what it was. So the movie shot was taken from a scene in The Lost Boys! It’s a very pivotal scene in the film, where our “hero” Michael (played by Jason Patric) tries to fit in with charismatic leader David (played masterfully by Kiefer Sutherland) and his gang of killers in their own “Vampire Hotel”.

Moving onto today’s One-Shot, here’s an iconic shot from one of the 80s biggest coming of age films which still holds a lot of weight, even today.

Think you know what it is?

Let me know in the comments, friends!

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Welcome to My New Followers!

I’d like to welcome all my new followers to The Broken Quill and to give you a bit of a heads-up about the content I blog about here.

Not everyone is looking for a multi-topic blog, but I’ve found over the years that sticking to one topic, at least for me, doesn’t fit with my personality.

I like to mix things up a little, so I think it’s only fair you know precisely what type of content you’ll see from me.

Pop culture and entertainment writing are in my blood. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. After studying for my journalism qualification with the NZIB, I could turn my lifelong pursuit into a freelance career.
Image Source

I’ve written for many media outlets, including video game websites, gaming magazines, technology websites, comic book websites, you name it, I’ve probably done it!

This blog is what I call my “writing hub” where I write about writing itself, both non-fiction and fiction, movies, streaming TV shows, and just about anything else in writing or popular culture.

I am a huge movie nerd, a semi-serious bookworm and a lover of all things Star Wars. If you’re interested in my pursuits taking place in a galaxy far, far away, you can visit my Star Was blog here.

So thank you for visiting my humble little corner of the internet. I hope you’ll stay for the rest of the journey wherever the writing path may take us!


One-Shot – Name That Movie

Today’s One Shot Trivia movie is considered a cult classic amongst fans, see if you can guess it!


One-Shot from a random movie, and you get to guess what it is!

There are no clues this time around because I think it’s a pretty straightforward movie to guess.

Here’s the shot:

One Shot
Via IMDb

It’s one of my favourites so not so random this time, but I’m keen to see if anyone can guess it as quickly as the last one!

Get back to me in the comments when you think you’ve got the answer.

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