Untitled 04

You twist in my veins Like an oncoming storm Unleash yourself on me I want to walk this shaky earth That meets my trepidation With delightful, restrained glee Dampen me in your summer shower Like mother earth, I open my… Read More ›

Untitled 03

You existlike an echothat has left its sombre toneacross the landscape of my heart Where a flicker of a flamestill burnsto breathe itselfinto life once morefor you Shall I shackle myself to this?Put my faith intothe what might have beensand… Read More ›

Six-Word Story Series #5

“Your life expectancy has now expired”… If you’re interested in my other writing pursuits, you can visit my Star Wars and Creativity blog here, or if movies are your thing, you can check out our movie blog right here. Thanks… Read More ›

Dead Roses

Dead Roses Dead Roses never did anyone any harm Except their thorns seem to shine in the light Kind of like little pins of pain Dead Roses sometimes make me feel Like love existed once and somehow became lost On… Read More ›