The Light – A Star Wars Inspired Poem

This poem came to me after watching a particular scene in Star Wars The Last Jedi. Some of you who follow both of my blogs will know I am a dedicated Star Wars fan and therefore, a lot of my creativity is inspired by Star Wars.

I have posted this on my other blog but since this is a blog that celebrates the craft of writing, I’ve decided to post it here for anyone who is interested in poetry.

Here are the GIFs that inspired me. In the second GIF you can see the dark side (represented by a shadow over Ben’s face) leaving him as Leia reaches out to him using the Force:



The Light – A Star Wars Poem (from Leia to Ben)

You are not the cruelty of the shadows
You are the light that once shone upon my cheek
But fall you did, and for a time, you lost your way
And although you stumbled and you let the darkness in
The light was still a part of you
Gently resting in the recesses of your soul
Waiting for a kindred spirit
To pull open the doorway to your heart
And let the light live there once more

Star Wars Versus Star Trek – Part I

There are dozens of ways that Star Wars and Star Trek are the same, but it’s more interesting to look at how they differ from each other.


I’ve never really explored the differences between these two franchises from a fan’s point of view. Obviously, people know me as a staunch Star Wars fan and supporter, but I am also a fan of Star Trek.

It’s okay to be a fan of both, right? Well, some may say “no” you cannot be a fan of both. And I get that. But for the sake of this blog post, I’ll remain a fan of Star Wars and someone who appreciates Star Trek.

The Differences Between Star Wars and Star Trek

There are dozens of ways that Star Wars and Star Trek are the same, but it’s more interesting to look at how they differ from each other.

Star Trek started off as a TV show all about travelling the universe and encountering different species while trying to keep the peace amongst the many races of the galaxy. While Star Wars does have elements of this, Star Wars is focused a lot more on particular characters and their stories (struggles) and how they impact one another. Star Wars is also very much a universe where the good and the evil clash often.

Star Wars versus Star Trek

You could argue that Star Trek has its main characters to focus on as well, and in the cinematic universe, we have seen some of the main characters at different stages of their lives and careers. But for me, Star Trek really is all about Star Trekking, which kind of makes sense since it’s in the title of the show.

The Prominent Characters as Heroes

This area of both franchises definitely overlaps as we can see with each trilogy of the Star Wars films, a prominent “hero” is the primary focus. And in the case of Star Trek, while most members of the crew (in both the TV show and the films), could be considered “heroic”, the main hero per se, at least for me, is always the Captain, Commander or Admiral.

I think, therefore, that Star Wars and Star Trek definitely share this common theme but I would say that Star Wars has pushed the boundaries a little further in terms of character development of the heroic figure.

The Hero Becomes The Villain

I was wracking my brain trying to think of a time when the main character in Star Trek actually became the villain. And then I remembered Jean-Luc Picard actually became the villain when he was assimilated into the Borg.

Picard as Borg
Via Syfy dot com

So there are a lot of similarities between the two franchises, but I still think the defining feature of Star Trek is having characters able to “go where no one has gone before”. Travelling the universe will always be a very cool way to be employed. Although becoming a Jedi or a Sith is equally as appealing.

“Live Long and Prosper” versus “May The Force Be With You”

Yoda is definitely one of the trademark characters of the Star Wars franchise. And I would say as his equal, Spock carries a similar level of importance in the Star Trek universe (some Star Wars fans may see that as a blasphemy).

Both Yoda and Spock were highly trusted individuals of the “hero” figure characters in their respective franchises. Both were exceptionally important to the plot and development of said hero characters as well as being exceptionally wise, advising the best course of action when the hero had no idea where to turn.

Via Giphy

For me, it’s quite clear how similar they are and how important they are to each franchise. And as characters, they are both “wise and knowledgeable” beings who support their heroes in any way they can.

This is a vast topic and one I’m probably going to have to revisit in another post, but for now, I’m going to use both of these famous sayings in one sentence!

Made by Darkside Creative

Live Long and Prosper and May The Force Be With You!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – Trekkie or Star Wars fan, I am keen to hear what you think!

Until my next post, keep writing, and I’ll catch you later!

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