A Writer’s Thoughts: On Publishing, Being Self Published and Beginnings

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I was relaxing this morning, drinking my coffee and just staring at my blog wondering about writing. Then I started thinking about Wattpad (as you know, I’ve been thinking about using Wattpad for my writing) and I suddenly felt quite odd about it. To be honest, I don’t think I am a “Wattpad” writer. And […]

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But What If I Don’t Like That Prompt?

Let’s take a deeper dive into exactly what a writing prompt is and how it can help you as a writer. Remember that writing is a creative process, even if you’re writing mathematical statistician notes in a class at university. Writing is simply you, an output method and a result. If we apply this to […]

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Daily Writing Prompts and a Free Writing Prompt Book from WordPress!

The daily “Discover” writing prompt posts on WordPress was pretty cool. Except that I came kinda late (actually, very late) to the party and missed out on joining so many other writers on WordPress. It would have been a lot of fun to take part in something with the wider community. But that doesn’t mean […]

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