“For Milly”

These words came to me when I was in the midst of writing Tales of the West and Ethan’s part of the first book. It is a poem that defines some of what I felt Ethan would have written had… Read More ›

Untitled 05

Twisting and turningInside this nightmareWe’ll call it loveObvious deceitIt’s my suddenand awkwardretreatCan’t hide from youBut worst of allCan’t hide from myselfCrying overthe wreckagethat’s leftof my heartof my soul I’d be lucky ifI could walk awayDon’t listen tothe pleas from youto… Read More ›

Untitled 03

You existlike an echothat has left its sombre toneacross the landscape of my heart Where a flicker of a flamestill burnsto breathe itselfinto life once morefor you Shall I shackle myself to this?Put my faith intothe what might have beensand… Read More ›

Untitled 01

I feel you In my bones Like a song With a melody Written in the stars For you are Beyond imagining A beginning And undoing Desired and felt In squandered embraces And brushed away tears And all of this Captured… Read More ›


We are like waves That crash upon the shore Only to be taken in By the sand’s embrace Absorbed into its gentle grace Some of us Are docile waves That ebb and flow And some of us are Troubled tidal… Read More ›


With every word he spoke Free As free as the waves That crash upon the shore As free as the sunrise That signals the new dawn That’s what he was to me With every word he spoke Free As free… Read More ›