Workday blues and a lesson learned

Off and on over the past year, I’ve been involved in more work-related drama than I care to think about. I’ve gone from being the happiest employee you could ever meet to depressed, annoyed, frustrated and anti-establishment.

The song by Rage Against The Machine called “Wake Up” became my theme song and I’m not even joking…

I had anger issues in the past when I was much younger and not very wise, but then I met my partner and all of that changed. I became a better person for having met him. I also became happier about who I had become.

I’m still living an exceptionally happy home life, in fact, my home has become my shelter from the storm. But every morning I wake up to a work day I’d do anything to avoid.

Today I realised how unhappy other people in my team are. I looked outside myself and helped a work mate out who has similar struggles to my own.

Today I really did wake up a little but not in the way I would have expected. I realised just how easy it is to get caught up in yourself. While paying attention to your own journey in life is essential, I think it’s good to remember that everyone else is on their own personal journey too and some of them may be struggling just as you are. Some of them maybe even much worse off than you.

It’s good to get outside of your own head and look around and take a breath. Helping someone else other than yourself is a great way to take stock of things and appreciate others and my workmate was most grateful for my support.