Who Is The Broken Quill?

Writing has been both the easiest and hardest thing I have ever pursued. It has provided me with work, it has provided me with a way to express my innermost feelings, it has helped me to heal and it has given me purpose.

I have never had my own space dedicated solely to the written word before, so in that sense, I am going into this blindly, hoping to find my feet or my wings, whichever comes first. Writing has been the one thing in my life that has remained constant and I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. I guess you could say I’m finally going back to my “roots”.

As a freelance journalist, I guess I’ve been in a state of semi-hiatus for a few years now. I have decided it’s time to knuckle down and find that person once more. If you want to know more about my writing career as a freelancer, please go here where I list the various businesses I have worked for.

The Broken Quill is my personal writing space but if you’re keen to follow my current published writing antics you may do so here:

The Dork Side of the Force – Contributor and all-round Star Wars fangirl geeking out hard!

And if you’re looking for Star Wars related banter with art thrown in, you may find me at my primary blog https://darksiderconfessions.blog.